Welcome and an explanation as to why I decided to start a book blog when 25 million* already exist:

*Unverified number that may be overtly optimistic #BookLoversMaketheWorldGoRound

Hi and Welcome to Lupita Reads- a blog extension born of my bookish Instagram posts. Lupita Reads first started as a hashtag I would use when I would post about a book I was currently reading in my personal Instagram. Later with a shift in my geographical location and a change in my employment status (aka time on my hands to break free from a 9-5 and enjoy the things I loved to do) I had a thought- Why not expand Lupita Reads to more then a hashtag! Why not share it with the world?! Little did I know when I finally created my Instagram, there were already a ton of bookish Instagram in the world. This entire time I thought I was the only one in my small little private bubble of Instagram sharing all my beautiful reads. I was thrilled and the bookish Instagram community welcomed Lupita Reads with open arms.

That being said the question still remains, what does Lupita Reads have to offer, that other book blogs don’t? Its not what others are lacking more so about what’s still left to be read and said about amazing reads!

Most importantly, there’s a unfilled need within me to connect to anyone interested in discussing books and with this blog I hope to be able to connect with all of you out there on the inter webs and hear your thoughts on the books I’ll be reviewing and recommending.

So with that in mind, tell me something about you in the comment section! What are you reading? If you aren’t reading something, why aren’t you reading? and what does reading mean to you?

Hasta Pronto,


2 thoughts on “

  1. I’m a year late to your post here but I still wanted to say Welcome.
    I’m currently reading Jane Eyre. It was going good but now I’m frustrated with Rochester and would really like the book to just end but I have 200+ pages to go before then, unfortunately.


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